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We combine quality and sustainability

For many years already we optimise the sustainability of our obomodulan® products.

In this context we clearly state that we are not prepared to compromise on quality. The professional approach of our R&D department lead e. g. to the achievement of implementing renewable raw materials.

As a result of intensive work it is ensured that this progress is not performed to the disadvantage of the food production. In addition we recycle off-cuts and use them as additional raw materials during production of new obomodulan® boards.      

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REACH: Everything under control

According to REACH our obomodulan® materials are “articles” und therefore they do not need to be registered. Our suppliers have either pre-registered the raw materials used by us for our applications or they will register them. Our experience shows: we can rely on our long-term partners!

The following applies for Huntsman products which are marketed by OBO: Epoxy and PU boards are like obomodulan® “articles” according to REACH. Ingredients for pastes and liquids have either been pre-registered for our applications by our suppliers or they will be registered by them.