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Wax sheets

  • Obo Wax sheets
  • Obo Wax sheets

Freeman wax sheets are used to simulate sheet metals in the tooling process. It is supplied in a range of thickness to an accuracy of +/- 0,025 mm. 

Type 266 gives resistance of up to 138°C for use with tooling resins that produce some, but not excessive exothermic heat during curing. It provides a firm surface and drapes well at room temperature, without tendency to spring-back. The sheets have a self-adhesive backing for fast application.


Wax sheet

Wax sheet

Deflection temperature °C:

  • up to 130

Storage-temperature °C:

  • +2°C up to +40°C

Dimensions mm

  • 610 x 305


  • Self adhesive backing

  • Very smooth