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RenCast® laminating pastes

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RenCast® 5146 isocyanate
grey workable paste
RenCast® 5146 polyol
grey workable paste
filler DT 081-1
grey workable paste
Density 0,77 g/cm³

RenCast® 5146 Isocyanate 20 kg

RenCast® 5146 Isocyanate 20 kg

RenCast® 5146 Polyol 25 kg

RenCast® 5146 Polyol 25 kg

DT 081-1 20 kg

DT 081-1 20 kg


  • Very stiff and very light (density: 0,77 g/cm*)

  • Easy to mix by hand (up to 3 kg) or machine

  • Workable and easy to apply paste (without glass fibres)

  • Processable with coupling layer P99 with EP-PU or VE-gelcoats

  • Can be applied to a thickness of 10 – 40 mm

  • Low exothermic reaction and therefore minimal shrinkage

  • Heat resistant up to 80°C


  • Build-up of moulds using the shell build-up technique

  • Support shells

  • Tools and any form of auxiliaries